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Charity Events im Dezember

Auch dieses Jahr sammeln wir wieder Spenden für Menschen in Not. Alle Spenden gehen an die Elterninitiative krebskranker Kinder in Augsburg e.V. Dafür haben wir ein paar besondere Events geplant: [tf-events-feat limit=’1′ group=’Charity Quiz‘ header=’yes‘ text=’Charity Quiz‘] [tf-events-feat limit=’1′ group=’Charity Concert‘ header=’yes‘ text=’Charity Concert‘] Murdock’s Kalender 2012 Der Kalender kostet 5 € und alle Erlöse […]

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To Arthur!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Arthur’s Day. The pictures from the „Photobooth“ are now up on our Facebook Page If you have trouble downloading your images from there please leave a comment with your e-mail-address or e-mail Danke an alle Gäste, die mit uns den Arthur’s Day gefeiert haben. Die Fotos […]

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Live Music

New info for all our Live music fans, we have live music on Sunday the 13th and on thurs the 17th of March, Sunday the 13th Attilla´s Folk trio will play folk and more and songs from their new album which is on tour, and of course St Patricks Day Rock the Kilt will play […]

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