Jameson Original

Jameson Original Irish Whiskey

Jameson Original Irish Whiskey – the main Jameson expression – is a mild blend of 50% Pure Pot Still whiskey and 50% grain whiskey, aged for between 5 to 8 years in former sherry and bourbon casks, giving it a complex taste. Triple distilled – like all Irish Whiskeys – from malted and unmalted barley.

Tasting Recommendation

Pure, with a dash of water or a single ice cube.

Jameson Original Drinks

  • For a nice and refreshing summer whiskey cocktail, mix with lemonade and some apple juice
  • Jameson and Ginger: for a sweetish longdrink, mix with Ginger Ale and add a lime wedge
  • As your whiskey of choice for an Irish Coffee or Hot Whiskey in the colder seasons.
  • Irish Tea Party: perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and very refreshing: mix 1 part Jameson with 4 parts of cold green tea and add a dash of absinthe and some ice cubes.
  • Leprechaun: another very Irish drink and a modification of the Jameson and Ginger: the Leprechaun consists simply of Jameson whiskey and tonic water, garnished with a lemon or lime slice. A perfect longdrink to try for the Gin & Tonic lover.


Jameson Original Tasting Notes

Colour: light to medium-amber

Nose: floral, pepper, wood

Flavours: butter, caramel, citrus, grain, fruit cake, oak, red apple, sherry, sweet, vanilla

Finish: semi-sweet, medium-long

Photo Credits: – Jameson Photoshoot – Quelle: flickr.com, @andrewyun50

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