Irish Whiskey

With some notable exceptions, distillation of Irish pot still whiskey is a three-stage process whereas most types of Scotch whisky are double-distilled.

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Scottish Whisky

When it comes to whisky, few countries do it better than the Scots, nor do many other places offer such an eclectic variety of tastes and distinguishable flavours.

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International Whiskey & Whiskey Flights (new!)

Our international selection includes Whiskeys from USA, Japan, India, Belgium and Germany.
Our Whiskey Flights are a good opportunity to compare a variety of excellent releases. Each flight contains 2cl of three different whiskey.

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Did you know that we in Murdock’s Irish Pub offer more than 150 different whiskeys?

Every month we present a selected Whiskey of the Month for only € 5.90.

The word whiskey (or whisky in Scotland), is derived from a corruption of the Gaelic ‘uisce beatha’, or ‘uisge beatha’ which translates as ‘water of life’. Irish monks returning from Mediterranean lands are said to have introduced perfume-distillation to Ireland around 1000 AD. This technique was then adapted to produce the first whiskey spirits, with a written Irish record as early as 1405, and Scottish records documenting the process in 1494. Since then, whiskey production has been developed worldwide, though Scotland and Ireland are still regarded as primary producers of authentic whiskeys.

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Whiskey Blog

Whiskey of the Month (September 2020)

Glenkinchie Distillers Edition Single Malt Whisky Aroma: Komplex und kräftig. Süße und trockene Noten mit Vanille, Trauben, Nüssen und gemälzter Gerste. Geschmack: Zuerst süße Plätzchen. Dann malzig und trocken mit wiederkehrenden Trauben. Abgang: Lang und trocken mit starker Eiche und einer Prise Pfeffer. Fasstyp: Amerikanische und europäische Eichenfässer, Nachreifung in Amontillado Sherryfässern Diese Abfüllung von Glenkinchie gehört zur Distillers […]

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Whiskey of the month (September 2019): West Cork single malt 12 year

The West Cork 12 Year Rum Cask Finish is a limited edition of the eponymous young distillery. The storage took place in ex-Bourbon casks with a finish in rum barrels of the West Indies. The sweet rum note with molasses and sugar perfectly complements the fresh, soft notes of West Cork Single Malts. With the new design, West […]

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