St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick is the national patron saint of the Irish people. All over the world Irishmen celebrate the memorial day of Saint Patrick on March 17th, the most famous Irish holiday. It’s name is St. Patrick’s Day. Nowadays more and more non-Irish take part in the celebrations. Huge parades take place in many Irish cities on March 17th and the color green is apparent everywhere. But what do the Irish celebrate on that day and who was the holy Patrick?

The history of St. Patrick

Patrick lived in the fifth century. He was born in Britain according to his own statement. There is also a transmission which reports Patrick was born in Scotland. At the age of 15 he was kidnapped by pirates who brought him to Ireland. The transmission tells that it was Patrick’s task as a slave to herd the sheep of a tribal lord. After he had lived in Ireland for six years, Patrick was promised in a dream that he came back to Ireland to proclaim the Gospel there.
Patrick fled back home by ship and was ordained a priest there. At first, he lived as a monk in a monastery located at the northern coast of Gaul. Years later, Patrick returned to Ireland, where he wanted to teach the Irish celts the Christian belief. He involved the strongly nature related tradiotins therein. To the former English king and the Celtic druids he explained trinity as a three-leafed clover. Since then, the shamrock is an Irish national symbol.
Perhaps, the most fame Patrick gained was due to the liberation of Ireland from the snakes, which are said to have left the island when he returned.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Join us on March 17th every year at Murdock’s Irish Pub Augsburg to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a big party and live music – see you there!

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